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Flat Bench

The flat blench is a cutting table with a “free fall” principle designed for shaped and straight cutting of float glass. The glass is tilted directly from the racks onto the table. Automatic processes create precise cutting results at efficient speeds.

The precision and efficiency allows us to cut packs to different stock sizes and generate fast lead times. Many thicknesses of float glass can be cut on the Hegla flat bench, giving us more versatility to meet our customers' requirements.

Automatic Glass Saw

Putsch-Meniconi is one of the world's leading manufacturer for the production of automatic vertical saws for cutting bullet-proof glass, fire resistant glass and laminated glass.

Dorset Glass Ltd have an automatic glass saw which allows us to cut bullet proof or fire resistant glass efficiently and accurately. The saw offers the possibility of both horizontal and vertical cuts by simply rotating the saw head assembly, therefore executing each cut within a sheet to precise accuracy and without handling or sliding the glass itself. Maximum sizes that can be cut are 2520mm x 2720mm on a vertical cut and 3200mm x 5100mm on a horizontal cut.

Vertical Washing Machine

All of our glass is cut and washed before toughening to identify any defects the glass may have at the time. At Dorset Glass we use a Forel vertical washing machine which automatically adjusts the process for different types of glass, as well as, different thicknesses.

The washing process is broken down into stages, starting with a pre wash with a large brush structure which optimises the pre wash activity. Low emissivity glass will be automatically detected making the management of processing different glass types simple. The process is then followed with a rinse and a drying station which is performed by high performance filtered blowers.

Semi-Automatic Vertical Milling Machine

The milling machine, or miller, is another new piece of equipment that Dorset Glass has invested in to meet the demands of the market and requirements of our customers. The miller is a stand-alone machine specifically designed for the glass milling and counter-sinking operations required to obtain notches for the mounting of hinges and fittings.

The miller is the ideal machine to create specific glass requirements such as hinge cut outs for doors and shower screens or notches out for our made to measure splashbacks. Whilst we could perform these skills before, the miller allows us to be more accurate than ever and introduce the quickest lead times yet.

Polishing Machine

Dorset Glass has purchased a new polishing machine model to meet the demands and requirements of our customers. The new machine polishes all varieties of glass as well as glass up to 30mm thick. The machine is in operation every day and our trained processing and polishing team have the skills to complete the most detailed jobs.

Drilling Machine

The drilling machine is one of the simplest pieces of equipment at Dorset Glass; however it allows us to drill holes from 6mm up to 50mm.
We can produce glass to your needs from drill holes designed for clamping systems to a central hole in a table top for your parasol.

CNC Machine

The CNC Master 30 is one of the most technical and complex machines at Dorset Glass. It allows us to produce a vast range of work using many varied techniques and skills and automates a production process. Equipped with a work table of over three metres in length, the Master 30 provides sturdiness, precision and speed, making it one of the leading CNC designs on the market.

The functions and features of the CNC are endless; however some of the most useful functions are the automatic adaptive systems, guaranteeing an optimal and long-lasting polishing. The laser for template detection which scans the points on template's surface, independently on the kind of material and the software automatically reproduces the profile pointed out.

The Master 30 is able to carry out the most difficult and various processing techniques, granting the best finishing quality of the product. The new operator interface in Windows XP is simple and user friendly. It allows the processing schedule to begin in order to grant the positioning optimisation of the pieces to be processed.

Extremely important is the possibility to perform the processing, programming and the personalisation of tool parameters and machine data while the work centre is working, totally avoiding the passive time. It also includes a large library of parametric shapes to draw directly the shapes to be processed that maintain their parametric features even during and after the programming of the process.

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