Toughened Glass

Dorset Glass installed their toughening plant in 2005 and since then it has worked a 24 hour operation, 6 days week. We can toughen glass from 4mm up to 25mm in thickness.

Tempered glass is manufactured by generating compressive stress on the surface through quenching glass after heating to near melting point. When the glass is broken by tensile force, the force is counteracted by the surface compressive stress. Tempered glass is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass at the same thickness.

Toughened or tempered glass is very strong and if subjected to an external force that exceeds the limit of the compressive stress, it will fracture. Unlike ordinary glass, if toughened glass breaks it will fracture into very small, non-sharp pieces, hence why it is used as a safety glass. Toughened glass is unlikely to cause serious injury due to this matter.

There are many regulations within toughening glass and at Dorset Glass we toughen to BS EN12150 standard to reflect building regulations. All of our glass is rigorously checked throughout the process, being inspected from the initial stage of cutting and washing, to the final stage of toughening and stamping. You can be assured that all of our toughened glass is of the highest quality and meets all regulations.

Below are the average sizes of glass that we can toughen. The size, shape and thickness of the glass are all factors that could increase or decrease the sizes available to be toughened. If you have any enquiries please contact the toughening department for more information.

Maximum size that can be toughened:
3200 x 1400

Minimum size that can be toughened:
200 x 200

The majority of glass can be toughened at our purpose built factory in Poole. Laminated glass cannot be toughened as the pvb interlayer holding the two pieces of glass together would melt and the glass would de-laminate. If you require toughened laminated glass, we can provide this as a made to order service.

The toughening plant can produce up to 1500 pieces a day as our qualified toughening team work 24 hours a day, 6 day week to meet the 24 hour lead time and service agreement with many of our customers. The specification of the glass will determine the length of the time it takes to toughen however it can be done in as little as 24 hours.

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